Thursday, September 22, 2005

Munson trail condition update

The trail is in excellent condition. Go ride it right now. It began raining as I finished, further packing down the surface. The sky is overcast, which means that conditions should hold up through tomorrow afternoon, but I wouldn't wait if I were you.

-Because I care- Juancho


Riverboat said...

I wish I was a dart throwin', blog writin', bike ridin' phenom like yourself sir. Us work-a-day shlubs do however enjoy reading about your bohemian lifestyle while trapped in these stupid cubicles.

So keep it up I say.

Actually if it were all that bad you wouldn't have reportedly full-time employees posting comments every other day.

juancho said...

One day this gravy train will run dry and then...will you hire me?

hitops said...

Thanks for the report and kowabunga. If I can just get my back to unlock after my self-induced wipeout and hard landing during hoops last week, I'll be there.