Monday, September 26, 2005

Plain brown wrapper

I can't load a picture today, which may be an ominous sign of things to come, and if so, just let me find out the hard way, no unsolicited advice from geeks on this topic please. I just don't care enough to learn some things.

So, we're moving on.

There is a new addition to the BRC. We have finally scored a professional rider. You can check out her site here at She will be riding with us through the winter in order to dominate the field of women's motocross in May. Pretty cool huh?

S'quatch bought a road bike, and wrecked it the same day. You can check it out here at It's the silver 2005 Pilot or something like that. I really don't want to contribute to the hype.

That's it. Really. I have nothing more to say.

For now, Juancho


Riverboat said...

The wheels on the bus are falling off, falling off, falling off. No pictures, no stories of fixin' bikes and drinkin beers? Instead we get Ooooh look at me, I ride with a professional rider. Later.

juancho said...

I've gotten some shit for this being "grumpiest post ever". Pretty big honor when you read back through them.

Sascha said...

no way is this the grumpiest ever. I can think of two grumpier. I think it's cute when you're all cranky.

juancho said...

You watch your tongue little missy!
(like that you mean?)

Sascha said...

Nope. I think you're flirting with me now. I detect no grumpiness ;)