Monday, October 10, 2005

Brand New Day

Travel used to exhilarate me, now it is coming home that brings the thrill. Oh, to travel is still a blessing. Travel is a chance to hold thoughts and ideas, preconceptions and notions, up to those of others, declare the others' to be wrong, and then get the hell back home.

I have barricaded myself in for the day, and unsuspecting visitors are likely to be met with a predictably hostile response. The sky is gray, the air is cool, and my legs feel as fresh as two loaves, straight from the oven. Two gigantic, steel-cored, pedal-crushing loaves-straight from the oven. All I need is a cup of this chicory blend coffee, a bowl of grits, a few more hours of sleep and I should be back to normal, and awake in time for the Monday throwdown.

When I got home last night, my friends-all grown men-were settling in as usual for an evening of rolling dice and deciding the fates of their imaginary elves, I mean selves. I was all but trampled during the elaborate preamble of assigned seating, pizza ordering, and refrigerator real estate jockeying. I slunk back to my cave and rolled the rock over the opening. I will deal with them later.

Today is a brand new day, and it is good to be home.

Don't forget, January 14,

I am all signed up, as is Pa Ingalls. The ride is limited to 400, and expected to fill up fast.

I can't seem to resist the urge to type, Git 'r done!



libbyllama said...

Welcome home, Caveman. Or Captain Caveman, if we're being formal.

juancho said...

Formal please, I'm wearing my new boxers to work today.

libbyllama said...