Tuesday, March 07, 2006

1,2, or 3, What did we see?


Bushyhead Galore said...

none of the above. it was a black lab.

sasquatch said...

Bushy, you're just jealous, and I'm a little surprised you were the last rider in the string.

It must have been the Jaguarundi, which in my opinion is cool enough. The Jaguarundi is the true Sasquatch of these parts, with numerous sightings but no true documentation. Not a soul has snapped a convincing photo and not a single carcass found on the black top. My guess is these guys die way up in the crook of the North Florida Live Oak, and save their human encounters for the likes of low-techs like Juancho who wouldn't know a digital camera from an iPod.

I'd say seeing one of those has got to be an omen of some kind. Did anything momentous happen in your life after the first time you saw this mythological beast?

juancho said...

Nothing special. Probably just dropped your ass for the umpteenth time.