Thursday, March 16, 2006

A sweet snack

I like the way Jill from Alaska spells it out. Check the link in the post below.

She is obviously a fat tire girl. God bless her.


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sasquatch said...

That doughnut doesn't tempt me in the least. Don't even try it.

I'd rather ride on fat, slow tires and shift with my thumbs (so primitive!) than even sniff that yeast bomb.

juancho said...

Whatever. You probably ate a whole fried chicken for breakfast.

Cadillac this afternoon?

That's what I thought.

tttorso said...

Torso and the swiss watch are ready for some caddy asap. I mean as soon as you can quit looling at this screen.

tttorso said...

correction: looling should be spelled looking

juancho said...

I like looling.