Monday, May 22, 2006

Back in the saddle

Thanks S'quatch for getting me out there yesterday, four days off the bike can be an eternity at times. So what have I missed? Is Munson now a parking lot? Did Scotty bring a fish to the race? Was Tallahassee relocated to the equator? It was still Spring when I left last Tuesday.

I'm at a loss here this morning. Folk Fest coming up. Airport stories. Review of Portland. Ride Report. Nothing is blowing my skirt up.

Any Requests?



Magnum said...

Bikeshort Mafia, run with it...

AucillaSinks said...

Dear Juancho Childs,

Do you know a good smoked fish dip recipie? The stuff at Publix has corn syrup in it and a to-go from Barnacle Bills is right pricey.

Also, with the passing of Poseys, where can I get really good smoked mullet?

-Junior L

libbyllama said...

Oh no! Did Poseys not recover after the hurricane damage?! Beloved Poseys.

juancho said...

Thanks guys, excellent suggestions. Fish dip recipe? No problem. I'll post it on the big screen. bikeshort mafia? I'll have to work on that one.

juancho said...

Sorry to say, it's gone.