Thursday, October 05, 2006

Free Agency Sucks

One Taco to go please.

Team Pole Barn, in their quest to buy a championship, have drafted another of our A-listers. Along with my brother and Bird, Bushyhead will now be basing his operations out of the G'ville-Micanopy-Reddick "Redneck Triangle".

1oth Ave is now officially accepting applications.

Best of Luck Joey, say hi to Ma & Pa Ingalls for me.

10th Ave 6th Man


Sascha said...

Hey, ya know, the Ingalls were actually from this neck of the woods ;)

Anonymous said...

Arrivederci to the biggest taco this side of the Mississippi... hope Hogtowne holds the key for him, give him a wet one for me, T

che said...

its about time that wetback left town...and tell him to take the mexican and his new burrito son with him. hasta luego bushy....pusi kurac

juancho said...

I come for the stories. I come back for the sweet people.

Dr. Detroit said...

He'll be back. In the meantime, good luck Bushy!