Friday, February 02, 2007

Pack it Up and Move it Out!

Please excuse my absence while I pack up the circus and move on out of this dump of a house I've been squatting in for 5 years.

Juancho is movin' on up.

Wheezy! Get me my slippers!

El J


Dr. Detroit said...

I thought you were permanently rooted to that spot. Are you abandoning 10th avenue? Details please.

Anonymous said...

Yes, please give us your new address,
your new phone #, your new SS#, your new friends names, and tell us what that new thing was you were doing when you though no one was watching..
We only ask because we just want to bring you a house-warming present.

Warmest Regards,
The Internet (yes the bad part)

p.s. oh wait... never mind,
I see you just posted all that stuff on your new adult-friend-finder page. thanks!!

AucillaSinks said...

there goes our neighborhood!

killearn lakes has a lot to offer i guess...

libbyllama said...

does this mean you'll be a regular now at bed bath & beyond?