Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Welcome to "the 'Ham" a tour in pictures

It can be hard to choose which type of animal you want to smother in tangy sauce and eat, but I went with chicken.

Mac and Cheese is available everywhere, It is as common as a glass of water.

And some fresh Turnip Greens keep Alabama bones strong for years to come.

Birmingham loves a Grapico brand grape soda!

The best lemon pie is not meringue here in the 'Ham, it's lemon cream pie. Ooooo-boy!

That ought to top off the tanks for Oak Mountain later today, you know, when I go for a big, muddy mountain bike ride after work.

Mmmm, and there is a Johnny Ray's BBQ right down the street from the park for the post-ride 'recovery' dinner.

Somebody say the blessing-


AucillaSinks said...

Thems Good Eats

Anonymous said...

no sweet tea?

juancho said...

Buckets! Gallons! Goes without sayin'.

Dirty Bert said...

them ribs look good!!!

eat them first then ride, now that would be the challenge!

~dirty bert

juancho said...

"Dirty Bert"? I think you are just the type of guy this place has been lacking.