Friday, April 04, 2008

Kittens in Teacups

It is Friday everybody, unless you are in Australia, where it might already be Saturday. I feel too good and loose from last night's ride to bother fretting with you people, so please enjoy these two kittens happily ensconced in their cups, as some of you no doubt will be this weekend as well.

See you locals at the RR2 tonight.



Ms. Moon said...

Just what we needed. Thank-you, amigo, para los gatitos.
I have no idea why I'm speaking in Spanish.

LoPo said...

What is it you're doin' today instead of frettin' with all of us people? I need pointers! Should I be going to the shelter to get a kitty?

Jill said...

So how ya feeling today? Baby wolverines in shredded Big Gulp cups?

juancho said...

No, everything is fine today. I am staring down a bottle of wine and waiting for it to blink.

hitops said...

Were any teacups broken in the making of that picture?

Looking for a post on the Twilight Trail opening. I consulted the radar this a.m. and then wimped out. Shoulda had faith -- the precip held off 'til I was done with the metric century Saturday.

Wet inaugural weekend overall for the first Cycle Fest. Hope they (we?) try again next year.

Anonymous said...

The Twilight Thingy rocked!
It just barely sprinkled for a few minutes. Kudos to the gangs that made it.

Scared of some sprinkles?
Watch out for those birthday cupcakes!

juancho said...

My bike was in lockdown at Joe's all weekend. Glad to hear it was a good turnout in crap weather.

~SpaceFairy~ said...

ZOMG those kittens are the cutest! I randomly googled "Kittens in a teacup" because I thought that would be cute to see, and I was right! hehe ;p