Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sandy Eggo

All right. Right on. It's all good. I'm like, going to California today man. Time to get my beach cruise on right?

Libbyllama has developed an eggless meatloaf recipe and I absolutely must try it so I am taking some personal days and flying west. I have seven good chances to catch that damn green flash.

Other things I am looking forward to, besides being with my sibling, her mate, and their offspring:

Fish Tacos
65 degrees and sunny
Shopping for hoodies
Promenading the boardwalk
Balboa Park
Telling locals how much better life is in the South...east.

Click on the title to learn more about the green flash!



Anonymous said...

Sounds nice actually; get me a hoodie!

Ample said...

send hello's to the family from me and a big kiss for the bebe'

Patricia said...

green flash: I've seen it from St.Joseph beach! helps to get up on the dunes.

nicol said...

Avocados! That's what I'd do while visiting, is hunt for the perfect avocado that tastes just like buttah.

Anonymous said...

Agreed! Skip the hoodie, get me an avocado that tastes just like buttah!

And don't kiss the bebe' lest you want that hacking funk you had a while back; them varmints carry germs!

Anonymous said...

My varmint ain't got no hacking cough, magnum! Juancho'd better wash his hands and mouth before smothering my little one with all his airplane germs.

But now Juancho is mine, all mine and you can't have him back!

Ms. Moon said...

Every time you see a green flash, it means a witch has died.
(I made that up.)

Anonymous said...

That's it, Juancho is a witch! You can keep him; as long as you let him online once in a while.


juancho said...

I leave this place for one day and look what happens to it.

Anonymous said...

"I met my mako.... in sandy eggo..."

Anonymous said...

Juancho, you like Folk Festival right?
You can download all the old folk festivals online now.

Anonymous said...

well, that didn't work; it cut off my link. here it is in two parts; paste together for success.

juancho said...

cool, thanks!