Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Snake Trivia

I found this sucker lurking around my laundry room like Kato Kalin last night. It was not this actual snake, this one is a professional snake model, but it was the same kind.

Can anyone identify it?

I am pretty sure it is Death Serpentia Aggressiva but I could be wrong.



Ms. Moon said...

I believe that would be a Serpentina Laundaria.
I could be wrong.

downtown guy said...

Diadophis punctatus. And here's a nice bit of info for you:

"ringneck snakes are social animals and many populations exist as large colonies, numbering 100 individuals or more. Communities of six or more may be found sharing a single microhabitat"

Keep an eye out for the rest of his buddies. But they're harmless.

nicol said...

Laundry room, eh? I bet that was a nice little adrenaline rush, in between loads.

juancho said...

Those things are dangerous, it put way too much bleach in my whites.

Thanks DTG, that is a comforting thought. The cat has his work cut out for him today.

Anonymous said...

Cracking me up, downtown guy. Cracking me up. (And I'll never stay at Juancho's house again.)

downtown guy said...

Glad to help put fears to rest. I wonder if your laundry room is a macro or micro environment.

Anonymous said...

hmmm, well done governor

Better to have snakes than mice any day.

Anonymous said...

Where did you get such a big quarter?

juancho said...

I photoshopped it in, that snake is actually 4 feet long.