Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Always Wear a Helmet

Except at Munson where it is optional.

What? There should be more? Let me take a look around here and see if I left a good post lying around.

I'll be back.



juancho said...

I'm actually resisting going into how awful Gov. Bobby Jindal was last night. I had high hopes of him becoming the President's greatest foil. The rival that helps make his presidency great-but it looks like Bobby can't hang.

Anonymous said...

I gotta defer Juancho, always wear a helmet. Once on Munson, when it was real sandy, I twisted out on a left turn, over braked and endoed straight into a large pine tree, ala head butt like a soccer player. Cracked that Giro.

sasquatch said...

True, Bill, but one must consider:

1) You've ridden Munson 3, 428 times, not counting night rides, and your gourd has only been compromised that one time?! That's great odds to avoid a sweaty head and feel the full breeze through my manly mane.

2) You must have deserved it. I don't know what you did, but it was undoubtedly something I haven't done, which safely distinguishes my fate from yours.

Juancho, that's nearly the most ridiculous photograph I've ever seen. It makes me seethe with contempt for everyone involved. The cat, the owner, the melon grower, the melon carver, the cat owner's passive, mewling husband who probably encouraged his addled wife in her catplay with his white wine complicity and his self-loathing snickers. I loathe you for posting it. I loathe myself for making it my new background.

Ms. Moon said...

It is truly only the manliest of men who could confidently put such a picture on their blog.
I salute you, Juancho!

juancho said...

What? That's a cat? I thought it was some Vermont hippie.