Friday, September 18, 2009


This guy has it all. Fresh air. A job. He gets to ride his bike all day.

Not me. When Maslow kicks you down the pyramid you realize some things.

You can't pay the light bill with a bike ride.

In spite of two weeks of sporadic to non-existent riding I feel like I'm keeping it together. I told Squatch last night that I put my pants on every morning expecting them to not exactly "go on" and yet they do, quite easily in fact.

Curious, considering the lack of attention I am paying to what goes in my "reward me" hole. Yesterday for example: 20 oz of Starbucks House coffee- black, ham and cheese croissant sandwich, pasta salad, 4 cookies, two chicken tacos eaten while running through the Charlotte Airport, and two celebratory ales when I arrived home to a dank, moldy, slimy-covered Tallahassee.

Is it the constant stress? The wasting disease? Squatch suggested cancer. That Squatch! He is so funny. Cancer- ha ha! I told him I thought it was because I was getting old, and beginning to shrink. At ten years my senior, and showing no signs of shrinking, he debunked that theory out of hand.

Whatever the reason I will take it. When life slows down and I uncork the whoop ass, I hope it still has some fizz.



Ms. Moon said...

Oh honey, it'll catch up with you. Get the overalls ready.

nicol said...

Fill up the water bottle with MULLIGATAWNY NOW! and you'll be a happy camper.


juancho said...

I wondered about the W.

nicol said...

Yeah, I had to google it because it just didn't look right before.

sasquatch said...

I'm thinking intestinal parasites.

May said...

Sasquatch! You already said cancer! I wanted to say tapeworm! Damn you!