Thursday, October 01, 2009


I am not talking about the house. That is far less of an obligation than registering for yet another Tour de San Felasco, yet I hold the Priority envelope in hand. Tommy and I are committed as soon as I drop this hot potato in the mail.

Squatch howled and hollered like a baby with a sore tooth last night when I called to invite him to join us for a slow and stately parade through the big oaks of Alachua county. He evoked last year's tour, at which our entire party promptly abandoned him when he flatted in the first 3 miles, or maybe his chain fell off, or his crank was htting his frame. It doesn't matter really.

Now he is strong and fast with a new bike, (the punisher) which is designed exactly for a 62 mile off-road tour. He has us in the crosshairs and he will not fire.

This is an insult! Better to be beaten fairly on the field then pencil-whipped in the blogosphere.

Don't delay, registration fills up fast.



Anonymous said...

House, San Fiasco, always a glutton for punishment, I see.

Congratulations on your big cajones this month!

juancho said...

I got big ones don't I!

Anonymous said...

put me in, I'll pull the "chain broke" just as easy.

Anonymous said...

wait, when?

juancho said...

January 8th, or as it is better known- Elvismas.

bikechain said...

We reg'd 13 Orange and Blacks yesterday. May have open slots for slackers. Let me know if you hear about anyone wanting to go.

Bushyhead said...

I might need 2 tickets to San Felasco. I was so busy with moving and new house stuff that I completely forgot and none of my friend reminded me!!! Please help!! JPB