Sunday, January 03, 2010


The temperature on Saturday morning is expected to be around 24 degrees in Alachua, FL. That is why I am looking forward to a short, brisk ride to lunch at the Tour de Felasco before I head off to a fun afternoon of shopping with one of my favorite girls, Ma Ingalls. I have gift cards and coupons burning a hole in my chamois. The shame of failure has long since left the building and I expect it will be a miracle if Pa Ingalls and Tommy can even get me out of my tent, let alone find me Saturday morning for our customary 5:30 A:M breakfast call. If I were them I would try the Microtel Inn at the 484 exit. I will be in the room behind the No Me Moleste sign.

This is Florida. We aren't geared up for 24 degrees. I'm going to have to wear everything I own. I will look like a Teletubby. How embarrassing. I am going to carry a bucket of fried chicken just to keep up with the caloric needs of maintaining a normal body temperature.

Reality has come a calling. Good God. What have I done?



Ms. Moon said...

I bet you'll have the best time of your entire life.

Fat Lad said...

24F is -4C unless I've converted it wrong...

I was half expecting that Teletubby link to come to my humble domain ;)

But really -4 in Florida? We were planning coming back to you guys for New Year '11 but I want to escape the bloody cold... The trails are dry at least right? Right?

Fat Lad

juancho said...

Sure. Dry as ice. If you are coming in 2011 I am reserving time off today.

Mingo said...

Hey, it will reach 35 at some point.

Magnum said...

I suddenly have the weekend free; I was gonna drive down with 400lbs of warm fluffy biscuits and hot sausage gravy.

Think it will sell?