Friday, March 19, 2010

Mull it Over

Get it? Mull it? Hilarious.

It looks like I am getting my wish for abundant sunshine this weekend, at least until Sunday when ironically (and not in the Williamsburg/Brooklyn way but in the literal sense of the word) there will be no sun.

A sunny day does not a mojo make though and so I will have to bring something more myself if fella is ever going to get his groove back. I would just like a couple of days free of worry, free of concern. I want to rock out. Get sunburned. Follow my bliss man. Take a little pedal off the beaten track.

I hope the internet can get along without me.



Ms. Moon said...

It will be hard but do what you must.

libbyllama said...

Those sound like wonderful plans!

nicol said...

Nice. Sunshine and riding...I can almost remember those days!

Anonymous said...

way to jinx it man; ain't no sunshine when you're gone.