Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Same old same old

There is nothing good on the internet anymore. It seems like my Internet only has about 10 channels and I am tired of them all. Before Madison Avenue got together with Silicon Valley and learned how to optimize search results and aggregate findings there was a sense that conducting an Internet search was like transmitting a signal from your basement via ham radio. Anything might come back. Now you can bet that if someone publishes their manifesto from the public library stacks in Mitchell, South Dakota it will not appear in your top ten hits when you search the term "crop circle/ wal-mart intersect" and that is just sad.

We don't get to talk to the internet anymore. We only talk to sites that tell us, on their own good authority, what the Internet is thinking about today.



Anonymous said...

shhhhhh! don't wake it up; it'll be dangerous

bikechain said...

u sir are on the grid. take a look around - they are coming for. choose wisely the pill you swallow.

The Old Bag said...

Hey, you're #1 when searching "crop circle/ wal-mart intersect."

Ever been to the Corn Palace?

juancho said...

Yes. I have been to the Corn Palace. Nice catch OB.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

Magnum is fkn funny.