Monday, May 03, 2010

Flip Flops and Wine

Everything would be okay if I could just call a time out and sleep for a week. It is all crisis all the time, as if addressing chronic social issues as acute illnesses will work. I keep thinking, it took a long time for things to get this bad, it won't turn around in a day. In fact, things won't likely turn around at all. Sometimes I would like an easier job, like renting chaise lounges at the beach. Riding my skateboard after hours in my flip flops, drinking wine until I rip off a toenail, then going home to my pallet on a mobile home floor and sleeping it off.

Not going to happen, all the good jobs are taken.



Ms. Moon said...

Did you ever meet Sailboat Dave down at St. George?

lopo said...

Vacation time!!

hitops said...

I know Dave! I play hoops with him sometimes when he comes up to the big city.

Flip flops and wine -- sounds like a Ryan Adams song.

juancho said...

Never met Dave, trying to plan a vacation, and don't give Ryan Adams my song!

Anonymous said...

vacations are only fun if you fix everything at work first.
oh, and have paid vacation time.
and, get to take a month off.
and, get to come home to an easy Monday with the intern having put out all the fires which developed while you were gone.

I don't want a vacation, it will just stress me. I want to quit.

Anonymous said...

I feel better now, I clicked on the link above and got one of what they're selling.
And my computer is working great now with all sorts of interesting pop-ups!
Try it Juanchito; they might be hiring.

Anonymous said...

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