Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wapner 4:30

Nights of delirium.
Days of ennui.
Pretend to enjoy watching futbol.
Nothing much happens.
Men kick each other then act surprised.
Resisting and succombing to the carnival barking of pain medication.
Dish mountain vs. laundry mountain.
Thank God for the Cartwrights.
How many times can you read the same page in a book?

-lost transmissions from the pain cave.



Ms. Moon said...

Just remember- K-Mart sucks. Eventually, all will be well.

nicol said...

I'm a very good driver.

juancho said...

K-Mart sucks. I'm a very good driver. Got it!

Human Wrecking Ball said...

Uh oh Fart....

Anonymous said...

It's definitely very small in here.

What you need is a vuvuzela!