Sunday, July 25, 2010


It was just a few years ago the Dogboy was watching the tour in a lazy-boy with a piss bottle and an erector set sticking out of his leg. This year it was me stove up with the the tour to live for, and now? Nada. I don't even have the erector set to play with.

It's over. When all was said and done it was two good friends having it out for bragging rights until next year. Two good friends surrounded by millions of dollars and euros, almost two hundred other guys with their own ideas about winning and losing, but it was always about these two riders, sworn frenemies.

Wrecking Ball- Big Worm
Juancho- the jersey in front of him- all of you bastards.

Who's your best frenemy? Who keeps you strong?

Your BFF (Bloodthirsty Frenemy Foreva!)



Human Wrecking Ball said...

BASTARD!!! I told you that was a secret!!!!

juancho said...

You must be kidding. Watch this- raise your hand if you have watched WB and Worm race while both swearing they are just "riding along."

When I am healed I am coming for you and you junior.

Mingo said...

I can't tell his name. Most of the time he pisses me off thought sometimes he is good to me. He knows me like I know myself.

Really, it is each of you.

Anonymous said...

I'm weak; I need a frenemy.

kent said...

me vs. junk food

hitops said...

I wish Schleck had kept the anger in his stomach, but I guess buried hatchets are good for business.

Ms. Moon said...

I have a Mortal Enemy. How's that?

juancho said...

that's good but the stakes are high.

RickySilk said...

Some V will have you all better in a jiffy.