Monday, September 20, 2010

A Secret Message

I found this written on the bottom of a wooden box I have carried around for 20 years. I was about to toss it out, and found the following message written on the bottom very faintly in pencil. By the mention of Amboy it has to be circa 1993

And when the boy became a man he laid down on his back in the sand and looked up at the clouds, trying to recognize the sharks, trains, mittens, and monkeys the boy had seen and in their place rose the thundering images of the road ahead and the sharks and the trains and the mittens and the monkeys held the comfort of the past and the courage of the future.

He knew all things fresh, which little boys know, and all things sharp of what men know. He folds himself close with the crickets and spiders, geckos and guano, stepping forth with the knowledge of inertia, of reaching into the void and reaping sweet kisses and fear.

heat of Amboy, burning cold of the eastern plains of Montana where the wind never dies. Every day the boy and the man teach each other to smile, listen, and love tomorrow as yesterday.



Ms. Moon said...

Did you write that?

juancho said...

Not me now, me then.

hitops said...

That's some righteous gnosticism, bro. Will we be seeing more from your personal Dead Sea Scrolls?

Magnum said...

What was in the box?

juancho said...

Elvis pocketknife, Granddad's pocketwatch, 2 Louis L'Amour books on cassette tape, things like that.

Ms. Moon said...

A message to yourself from yourself. Lovely.