Sunday, October 10, 2010

A book review

That Damn Dragon Tattoo book.

This book is really boring and has no direction until this vulgar but not very well described scene happens and then the rest of the book is like the Da Vinci Code, but even worse.

The End

Dissenting opinions are welcome.



Ms. Moon said...

Well, the book may suck (I don't know- I haven't read it and now probably won't) but this review was awesome.

Sascha said...

Freal? I have friends who can't shut up about how great it is. I've refused to read the books because the guy died before he finished writing them and I don't needlessly sign up for frustration like that.

reverend dick said...

Ehhhhhhh. Wrong.

OK, the long financial markets history that is seemingly unconnected at the beginning IS boring, but it picks up well before the scene about which I assume you are speaking (involving the gal and her case worker/attorney?). It is a pot boiler, maaaaaaan. It just kept upping the ante.

And, what's worse:

"The Da Vinci Code" was terrible. Bad plot, worse characters. Should I meet him, I will punch Dan Brown in the face for stealing an interesting premise ("Holy Blood, Holy Grail") and an interesting plot ("Foucalt's Pendulum") and fucking them up as badly as he did.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

yep, in just three posts we get to Umberto Eco from Larsson.
I've not read about the girl with the dragon tattoo, but I have Google image searched same, and hubba hubba.

I was simply irritated that all this talk of a 5th Larsson book was not referring to Gary.

May said...

Fuck. You did it. I don't think I can follow that review, I just don't. Thanks a lot, Juanch, for being so brilliant.