Thursday, December 23, 2010


All right, tell it like it is-- what was the best and what was the worst of 2010? Movies, music,books, meals, events personal and public, what needs to be celebrated or derided before the clock runs out on 2010?



Anonymous said...

I've decided (last thing mentioned in past tense) to only look forward.

hitops said...

I hear the new Band of Horses and Arcade Fire albums are pretty good, and hope to have one of each under the tree. And Richard Thompson's new one, which I heard him do live.

Movies: Excellence such as Hot Tub Time Machine is seldom matched, but the Ghost Writer and City Island were enjoyable. Honorable mention to Hubble 3D for blowing my mind.

Experiences: Acclimating to the cold during 4 days in Asheville in Jan. 2010.

Books: I only read blogs.

Meals: Ray's Steel City puts on a nice spread. This from a Steelers hater.

juancho said...

Thanks for playing everyone (both of you.)I'm going to go with...


movie- Winter's Bone
book- Chronic City
album- Back Porch Revival: Live at Highland's Hammock.
events- the ride I just finished, Glitter Chariot show at 621
repeal of DADT, Those dang Chilean Miners, my nephew's big Pirate visit.


Tea Party idiots who YELL WHEN THEY TALK.
The Great Crash of June 2nd.
book- Let the Great World Spin
album- I don't know, did Creed put out a new record?

lopo said...

You've reminded me to sit myself down and remember what I have read this year.

hitops said...

Can I get on the list to borrow Chronic City? The tactile format, not the e-copy?

The Bald Fiddler said...

Thanks for the promo for BPR:Live at HH. Now available on iTunes and at All proceeds go to promote Highlands County Wellness Camp.

reverend dick said...

I read Barbara Kingsolver's "Lacuna", which was good. I think you'd enjoy it on it's many levels.