Monday, December 06, 2010

LA (lower Alabama)

I am losing my road warrior edge. I sputtered into this motel in Dothan, Alabama rather than press on for two and a half more hours to get home. Forget it. I lucked out though, because I made it here in time to catch the American Country Awards.

The secret password that gets you onto the hand-cranked 28.8 bps internet is jakes which is obviously a sign. I think this is a good hideout for my alter-ego to write a little bit about his alter-ego (my third ego?)

I can't believe I stopped. I feel like a nine-fingered shop teacher.



Anonymous said...

Couldn't push past Dothan at 8pm?

and now? Where oh where, are you tonight?

lopo said...

I think staying in Dothan was a BOLD move! Shows you no longer have to prove anything to anyone. :)

juancho said...

I agree with Lopo. It was a brazen step off the beaten path. No more "Wapner 4:30" for me.

Anonymous said...

Nope, I wouldn't sleep in a bed 4000 other people have done their "hotel stuff" in knowing my bed is only a couple hours away.

'cause I've searched the world over and thought I found clean sheets,
but I've got a blacklight and pffft, there are none.

LoPo said...

Well, now, Magnum, stick close to home and don't do any serious travelin' in the Third World if you're not up to a hotel bed in this country.