Monday, January 10, 2011

He said he wanted to show me something and that he knew the way. Things happened differently than expected. Saturday's ride was a series of unpleasant and poorly considered decisions that resulted in a hard-fought victory for Mystery and me. The day itself held significance as both the day of the Felasco 50, but more importantly it was Elvis' birthday. Not a day for a lap around the standard trails. A statement was needed. Besides, I felt like I could take anything he could conjure up and still be riding tall at the end of the day. That's pretty much what happened.

My attorney recommends against any discussion of the route, especially any mention of 10 ft. tall fences, ankle deep mud, or the smilac maze. I can say that we didn't see a proper trail until hour 3 of the ride.

We didn't get 50 miles, but we got the suffering of 100.

How as your weekend?



Christopher said...

We hammered our crotches into hamburger by riding on national forest roads for 8 hours. On the up side we had a lovely lunch of fried mullet in Sumatra at the Coastal Family Restaurant ("Family" = no alcohol served, ever).

juancho said...

Wow. Hamburger crotch sounds delightful.

Mingo said...

wish I was there. Felasco was good, me and mini me did 37 miles but I like the kind of ride you didn't talk about.

lopo said...

I like the Elvis's birthday part.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

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I worked all day and my feet feel just like lead
You got my shirt tails
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'Cause I ain't got time to think'

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She said, 'Hey Bossa nova, baby
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Kent said...

Hold the cheese