Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Completely socked in, that's what we are. No need to get out there and make a mess of the trails and bikes. I've been waiting for this. I have a long list of needed upgrades and repairs I have been postponing for such a day. I just need to get this unwieldy morning under control and then shoehorn myself into a space down at Joe's Bike Shop and get some major drivetrain overhaul going on.

No such thing as a day off, just a chance to get stronger, smarter, faster.



Ms. Moon said...

Forget all that bike crap. Come to Lloyd and help me clean pee and poop and entertain the grandson. That'll hone SOMETHING! Plus...Lloyd!

Christopher said...

Guess we'll be riding another day. Maybe tomorrow you can show off the upgrades.

lopo said...

Really socked in? Seems like a nice long nap is the best thing in weather like that! ;)

Juancho said...

I wish! What a frantic day. I got the shifters/levers done though. Thanks Pete! Drivetrain is going to have to wait.