Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rude & Reckless

Lots going on at the circus today. Pa Ingalls his own self is on his way to town for a little barn-raising party. By that I mean there will actually be a little barn when it is all over. Before that though we will do some barn-burning on the trails and then tomorrow night when we all get our walkers out on the dance floor for the greatest working band in America, The Slackers. If you want a little taste then click the "Rude and Reckless" title above for a sample.

If this blog was a late night talk show, they would be my house band.
If this blog were a movie, they would write the soundtrack.
If this blog were a stage they would play on it.

Too bad it's just a blog so I have to put pants on and go to the show tomorrow night at the Engine Room. While we are on the subject of the Engine Room, somebody explain this to me. Advance tickets are $10 with a $2.75 surcharge. Tickets at the door are $13.00. Is it worth 25 cents to go through the hassle of pointing and clicking?

We also have the Forest Ride with Bill this afternoon at 4:30 and I would dearly love to get Pa out on that run for a little taste of how it is done in the 8-5-0.

Before any of that can happen though, I better git to pounding salt at the mine.



downtown guy said...

Here's my problem: tomorrow, John Waters is speaking for free at FSU. Also, the Slackers are happening and half my friends are playing. Solution: rely on the fact that no Tallahassee show starts before 10 and hope that Mr. Waters doesn't go on for too long.

Anonymous said...

busy busy busy you are, pound ye salt! I'll be drinking at the Pickle Nibbler later on if y'all want to come out.

downtown guy said...

Okay, what's the Pickle Nibbler? You're gonna tell me and I'm gonna go, "Oh, duh."

Juancho said...

Pickle Nibbler? John Waters? This blog has never been more interesting.

lopo said...

Sure makes me realize what I'm missing by not living in Tally!

Juancho said...

That's right. Load up!

Juancho said...

I love that my Google ads right now are selling sandbags. Tommy should buy some.