Tuesday, April 26, 2011


My vast network of spies and satellites tell me that Uncle Todd has breached the southeastern perimeter. He is embedded in a suburban safe house somewhere along the I-4 Corridor. This news has the Robot Army on mauve alert. I myself have gone into an inverted position to rest my legs until I engage Mr. Todd on Friday afternoon.

I have contracted a team of documented aliens to cart me around south Florida by hand this week so that every ounce of strength can be applied to representing TEAM BRC this weekend on a tour of Florida trails.

They need to get in here and cart me to the kitchen, I'm getting hungry.



Christopher said...

What is the ETA to bringing Todd to home turf?

Magnum said...

Mauve alert noted. Send instructions. Do I have to tape over my Cannondale emblems?

Juancho said...

We will be back in TLH Saturday afternoon most likely. Ready to ride Sunday morning, or Saturday night.

Mauve Alert protocol as follows:

Inflate all tires to 65 psi

Begin power carb-loading at Krispy Kreme

Commence dehydration

BIGWORM said...

I'm just wondering, is the "Commence Dehydration" command an effort to limit the robots' peeing on themselves at the sheer site of this Todd character?

Juancho said...

To drop weight. We can always rehydrate them later.