Thursday, May 26, 2011


I stopped in at ZONE 5 bikes and coffee (and beer) today to see what all the hype was about. The hype is quite justified when a new shop opens up sporting 5 beers on tap, an espresso machine, a Euro lunch menu, and an Ellsworth dealership. While he had me in the spell of his shock and awe campaign he showed off the 2011-12 BikeChain Posse cycling kit. Kit is a word cyclists use to describe their clothing, a term I have never accepted. I prefer bike stuff, or manotard. Anyway, while displaying both a strong present and an attractive future, he asks me an innocent question.

Where's your crew been?

I have to say, that is a damn good question. I can only account for Mystery, who is on temporary medical leave. The rest of this hypothetical (hypotenusical?) crew is enjoying a prolonged hiatus. Sure the reservists rearing babies account for their one weekend a month, but the former full-timers are pretty much AWOL.

One robot is running above average and quickly moving towards earning his non-robot name back, but one robot does not an army make.

BC's got a clubhouse, and BRC ain't even got a club.



Magnum said...

I gotta burn off some hospitaliano, so back in the saddle it is. We can rebuild it!

Human Wrecking Ball said...

Give in to your black and orange side.


Magnum said...

wait, they got beer? this Robot might be wired for betrayal.

Velosopher said...

Because I've always assumed "kit" has Euro ancestry, I've always embraced the term. But I am a recovering roadie, so that explains a lot more than just over-precious terminology.

Juancho said...

Over-precious describes my discomfort with the term perfectly.

They are "bike clothes."

hitops said...

Are the cushion-butt pants part of the kit?