Monday, May 09, 2011


A new pleasure I enjoy on the bike is riding behind people on the trail and sweating them until they blow up or pull over. What? They should have some kind of nice experience on their bicycle? They think it is a sport of leisure and nature appreciating? Please. They must learn to suffer as I was taught to suffer. Perhaps one day the carrot, but tonight it was the stick. It is the stick for all until I came to the one I couldn't catch, and then I knew where I belonged- for now.

Soon, it will be the stick for that one too.



Buzz said...

Juanco wrote: "Soon, it will be the stick for that one too...."

..and then the stick will be for you too is only a matter of TIME!

yes.... you are a badass on a bike....for now.


Juancho said...

I know nothing but the stick.

reverend dick said...

Give em the stick! Don't give em the stick!

hitops said...

This is certainly an improvement on your pre-monkish M.O. of blowing up early.

Juancho said...

All of these witnesses, they hear you beg for the stick.

The Bald Fiddler said...

This is an unpaid advertisement:

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