Monday, September 26, 2011


We use it sweeten bitter things, like going to work in a hotel for 5 days.

We use it to fill empty places-- dreams unfulfilled until they are crusting over and syrupy sweet.

I prefer a life of glutamates, rich, buttery, and real. The flavor of fulfilled,
and pushing back from the table.

When all you taste is metal, there is nothing to be done

put some sugar on the bit and try to have some fun.

clocking in,



the Bliss of Mungam said...

It's called a bit for a reason; it's a done deal and already in.

I like the metallic taste, the taste reminding me of my choice in my submission. Don't sugar it and call it sweet, not till Friday.

lopo said...

Have they gotcha corralled? You are missed at BRC!