Monday, November 07, 2011


Nary a ride occurs lately without a crash happening. My theory is that everyone is pushing right now, taking advantage of summer fitness efforts to uncork some epic rides in the crisp fall air. Legs and lungs that moved you at 10 mph in August move you 15 mph in November. We are all out there 5 miles ahead of ourselves.

Last week I took a new rider out and he too was pushing himself, trying something for the first time, putting himself out there. He took a fall so nasty, with consequences so horrific, that I didn't even mention it here. He is fine now, recovering with 10 stitches, and drafting his story for publication right here at the BRC. He is a resilient guy, and good in a crisis, and I suspect he is a good enough writer to get the job done.

The last four days included 4 rides that I would hold up as the best I have ever had. Oaken legs and abundant sunshine, big wheels and little wheels, single track and not, I laid down some quality miles. I am five miles ahead of myself, but catching up fast.

A week ago I moved in with the limb I have always missed and today I resigned my job of 9 years to take a new chance.

When you are on the roll of a lifetime you don't tap the brakes.



Magnum said...

Good god man, you are a force of nature; this is not definitively "change" but evolution!
I'm a little intimidated to camp next to you this weekend, but I'll persevere (and I'll bring a cup).

hitops said...

Are you finally going to open up that yard work and landscaping business you've always dreamed about?

Juancho said...

Yes HiTops, and I will also be offering services as a professional drawer organizer/laundry folder. All of my talents are available for hire.

Ms. Moon said...


Human Wrecking Ball said...

Wow I can't wait to hear the details bro, congrats. I wish I had the sack (and opportunity)to follow suit.

JenyJo said...


once again: don't even know you and i'm giddy to hear the ... evolution.. the REVOLUTION!


xterrabuzz said...

Congrats man. I wish you nothing but the best in your new endeavor. Looking forward to hearing the details. Take care Jancho.