Monday, December 19, 2011


I am writing from behind the paper curtain so I can't post a picture to accompany this post. If I could it would be a ball of yarn, snugly wound. Not too tight, just smartly gathered in a colorful ball ready to weave new stories.

I corrected the balance of my riding account this weekend, with the support of everyone around me. I had a great 3 hours out with Hitops and Squatch on Saturday in an old-fashioned south side wander, followed by an epic 3.5 hour exploration of the Tallahassee underground at the Dogboy Invitational on Sunday.

I will tell you all about it later. All of this typing is making the man suspicious. Productivity intimidates. If they only knew!

Everything is going to be okay.



Magnum said...

You have to make noises of frustration while typing, then The Man figures you're really buckling down and productifying.

Every once in a while, ask outloud into the office ether if, "anyone has a better algorithm for their spreadsheets?" and shit like that; you'll get a raise in three weeks.

Juancho said...

I like it. Tell me more?