Monday, May 07, 2012

Birthday Girl

Today we implement austerity measures, to deal with our European crisis of gluttony. The only thing I rode this weekend was the party train to tired town. The birthday season is officially closed, but we certainly did it right. I feel like the lesser-known half of a celebrity couple, like Justin Theroux.

Many thanks to The Cake Shop, the Fermentation Lounge, Bell's Brewery, the Glitter Chariot crew, and lots of friends old and new for coming out on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

One last time, Happy Birthday Melissa!



Ms. Moon said...

Add another good wish from Lloyd.

nicol said...

The happiness seeps through the crevices of your posts and soaks the pages and it's so cool to read.

That photo is hilariously adorable.

lopo said...

I have a feeling you'll be telling that gal "Happy Birthday" many many more times! :)

Magnum said...

it was fun, definitely. Stripes can hide anything.