Monday, August 06, 2012

Beast it

On the way to the south trails for another mundane trip around the hamster wheel Taco remarked that he wanted to scout a route to the western edge of town. He plans to ride his bike out to the forest, shoot a deer, then haul it back through town across his handlebars. Something different, anything, sounded better than the safety of the known.

We rode through the south-side neighborhoods, back through our very early twenties. I easily pictured him on his yellow Giant ATX 760 that he bought with the money he got from an insurance settlement involving a Taco Bell drive-through.

Out the Cascade Lakes area, dry as dust, with the Cypress trees planted like spears, we found the deep sand. The sky was overcast and I was able to nurse my half-filled water bottle and empty stomach until pain gave way to elation and my legs found the deep reserve.



Magnum said...

I knew he was scouting new spots! Make sure your west-side bike trails are done by October, and no brown jerseys!

lopo said...

I don't know bike talk, and I tend to like "If it's easy, do it," these days, but are those trees for real???

Juancho said...

Yes, those are for real. That is the old water line where they bulb out. It's like 10 feet overhead.