Monday, February 18, 2013


Who is that and where did he come from? I asked myself, startled to catch a rider closing fast in my periphery. Oh, that's right. That's my friend Stevie, and we are in Tallahassee, FL. It is the winter of 2013. It is Saturday morning. All of these facts ticked back into place, securing me back in time and space. Briefly, or possibly forever, I was someplace different than here. I was no where. I was no thing. I was an empty vessel hurtling through the cosmosphere, free from ego and self-awareness. Maybe I was not an empty vessel hurtling? Maybe the cosmos hurtled through me, and I was the full vessel containing all things?

Thousands of micro-decisions, adjustments, and judgements were processed in my absence from the moment. Chattering over roots, letting the front end go in tight, banked turns, and constantly, effortlessly performing the ceremony of force to pedals.

With ego rushing back in my thoughts cried more, more! And with that I heard my breath, then smelled the lake, then felt my legs- just flesh and tiring flesh at that, then I was fully again myself and on a bike, but for that moment I dropped myself, if not Stevie.



lopo said...

I think that's the ultimate, isn't it, of being as one with the universe?

Anonymous said...

As Bodhi would say "It's where you lose yourself and find yourself".

Juancho said...

I hope to God that you are referring to Point Break. 'Utah! Bring me two!"

Buzz said...

Magic moments in flow state..Yep what is the path back/forth to it? Can it be *sought*?


Nice one Jauncho



Juancho said...

The only way to find it is to never look for it. I think it's like the green flash.

nicol said...

That was definitely flow, that inner game.


JenyJo said...



Christopher said...

Dropping yourself, it's why we ride.

Magnum said...