Monday, May 06, 2013

Happy Birthday

Today is my wife's birthday so I wrapped up my eye teeth in my last bottom dollar to give to her. 
She said, "Thanks, but that's really not necessary."  I said, "Oh, but it is." and ran across a bed of hot coals to get her a glass of ice water.  "Now you're just being silly," she told me as I rubbed my belly and patted my head while jumping up and down on one foot.  "No I'm not. I'm a serious person." I told her and I seriously love you and that is nothing to joke about."  She said, "What has two cheeks and is brown in the middle?" and I guessed a hamburger, which was the wrong answer.  

Last week she said, "Don't do anything special for my birthday." So I let the ice carving of Pegasus slowly melt out behind the shed.  I paid the chorus of 5 and 20 angels their travel per diem and apologized for putting them out unnecessarily.  "What can you do when your true love speaks, but what she requests?" the conductor angel shrugged.  "Indeed." and the 26 of us polished off the Scuppernong  pies I made for her, cooling on the window sill.  "Good pies!" the angels said and they penciled me in again for next year just in case.  



Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday to the missus. I will tell Javier Bardem out here in Los Angeles that you don't want him to come serenade your wife anymore.

Ms. Moon said...

This is delightful, as is your wife.
Happiest of happys to her and may all of her dreams come true. Which, maybe, they are already. Coming true.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

You continue to out do us all even when you write about how you did nothing, which is far from true.

Velosopher said...

Good on you both. A happy couple is a gift to their community.

nicol said...

Who knew Juancho was a romantic? Who knew?

Good job treating your love like gold.