Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Reservations for the Pain Cave

Who knew? All the time in the saddle, redlining the max heart rate, all in an effort to get a few moments of clarity in the pain cave. All you need to do is ignore a minor injury until it becomes a backstage pass to the Pain Cave live in concert.

I've never been one to have any of these chronic knee/joint-related injuries so this is pretty new territory for me. I do know that staggering around straight-legged like Frankenstein's monster does nothing to improve an injury.

Today I am scheduled for total cessation of activity, constant ice, and major rest. Sometimes you just have to give in and roll with it.

It's a big, boring, disappointing bummer for my first week home in a long time- not that I'm playing for sympathy or anything.



LoPo said...

Well, you have LoPo's sympathy even if you're not playing for it. BUMMER!! We're hoping this means more posts to BRC, however! ;)

che said...

i hear that bosnia is very healing for knee injuries...its something in the water i think. maybe you should check it out

juancho said...

Hmmmm, I didn't realize shitting your pants could be healthy for knees!

che said...

did you shit yourself on your last visit? Poor lad. I've always managed to get it in the bowl during my time here.

Jill said...

Empathy here ---->

juancho said...

After the three day trial period the water was delicious, seriously.