Friday, March 16, 2007


From zero to hero in 24 hours.

Dark times fell upon the circus last night. An alarmist doctor at the Patient's First clinic had me diagnosed with a fractured patella. The implication was surgery, followed by absolutely no bike riding for up to six months due to the full leg cast she envisioned.

Dark times indeed my companeros.

After a delirious sleep of fitful nightmares I crawled from bed ready for a day of lasers and scalpels, and instead the Orthopedist scoffed at the diagnosis and prescribed three weeks of brace, ice, and a potpourri of pharmaceuticals. That, coupled with a few secret tricks my Pop knows, and I will be out on the trail, underperforming like usual.

In the meantime I will take advantage of the time to work on writing my book entitled,

"Think Outside the Box and other ridiculous things people need to quit saying".

Any suggestions?



libbyllama said...

Hooray for no surgery!!

Don't forget to include "Flip that House!" in that book o' yours. Thanks!

ccrider de monte cristo said...

That's why girls don't do orthopaedics. Tallahassee has some of the finest orthopaedic surgeons around. You're in good hands. Congratulations on avoiding surgery.

che said...

what's wrong with saying think out of the box. I mean, your an adventurer of sorts, why not step out of the illusion and step into another one?

juancho said...

Nothing is more "in the box" than saying "think outside the box". Duh!

Thanks CC, I am delirious with relief.

Jill said...

Damn ... that is good news.

You'll be out playing Scrabble in no time.

Jill said...

Also a good one to include in your book ... "No Pain, No Gain."

juancho said...

Good one, and I'm adding "Things happen for a reason".