Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Saddle Time

In order to keep my form I have picked up some work as a street performer. Being very, very still is harder than it looks.

The air has that soft, gentle, quiet spring feel to it this morning and I want nothing so much as a long easy ride out to the Miccosukee Greenway, or God forbid even a road ride down to Wacissa Spring.

Instead, I will just sit here, and try to think good thoughts.

Not my forte' to say the least.



Anonymous said...

This is amazing - looks totally like a statue! Very cool. Street performers rock! My fav street performer in my town is the 'Saw Lady', perhaps you know her ( ). There are lots of living statues here but not as cool as you!

juancho said...

Saw lady? We dated for a while, but she cut it short.

LoPo said...

You need some time off in Mexico with tu Mama, Juancho! ;)

juancho said...

Si, por supuesto!