Monday, March 19, 2007

Come out of your Shell

Even though I am missing some of the most beautiful riding days Tallahassee can produce, I am not laying around feeling sorry for myself. Not when Mystery calls with a report of fresh Gulf oysters at his house.

20 minutes later we are cracking and shucking, slurping and chewing like seagulls squabbling over a bag of Doritos. As the McC brothers throw horseshoes, S'quatch makes the observation that points should be awarded for "sound". Nothing calls in summer like the CLANG! of ringers and leaners.

Since these are freshly harvested, they have not drained so every oyster is filled with the sea. A dash of tabasco and next stop heaven.

Eating them is magic, and they provide you with certain "qualities".

Oysters, Azaleas, Dogwoods, dark beer mingling with light beer in the coolers, shorts and fleeces, definitely Spring.



The Old Bag said...

Slush, crap on the sides of the roads, brown yards, trees with no leaves...definitely Spring.

Wish I were in FL right now!

Dr. Detroit said...

I wish I was there also. If for no other reason than to kick the McC brothers' ass at horseshoes. Oysters and beer would be nice too.

hitops said...

Invite me next time. I'll bring my stiletto shucker. I love raw oysters so deeply I bleed Tabasco.

I rode the Miccosukee Greenway Saturday end to end and back (starting at Fleishman). Not a lot of singletrack, and "improvements' are a euphemism for some of the recent work there. Still, it was great to get off the asphalt and into the forests and fields.

juancho said...

Damn HT, I think you are probably the top dog these days aren't you.

Dr. D- You sure you still got what it takes? Those boys were throwin' rocks.

Load up O.B. Plenty of sun for everyone.

che said...

fascists, nationalists, idiots, PLUS the brown yards, naked trees, stinging chill. any room on el calle de 10?

juancho...dolazim sto prije. pozelio sam te.

juancho said...

ja sam seljak ne rezumiem nishta.

and I don't live on 10th no more.

che said...

why you keep me in the dark homes. where you be then? escribe me un email por favor.

che said...

hey, i need bushy's email too...can you send it to me pls.