Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fill in the Blank

I will be away for a few days this week. I hate to leave the circus untended, as the animals can really stink up the place, but I have a solution. The following is a template that should work for just about any given day here at the BRC, so check back and apply the necessary details as you see fit.

____________ said he did ___________ in ____________ minutes but I don't believe him. That crazy Sasquatch, we were riding the other day and he broke his ________ and I had to fix it with a ___________, then someone called the cops because he _____________.

I was going to ride today but instead I am _____________. If I had ridden I totally would have rolled those __________ out at ________.
Back in 19__, when mountain bikers were a lot tougher I used to ________ the __________ without a __________ in the rain. Nowadays everyone is soft.

This weekend there will be a __________ at the __________, but I'm not going because that thing is dumb.

Have a great ___________,



Human Wrecking Ball said...


William said...

1. Lord Galahadirel
2. a noble service to his Lady Galahadirel
3. a matter of mere
4. Helm of Black Ice (+6)
5. roll of Spectral Duct Tape (+25)
6. knocked over my little figurine and I had to go all medieval on his ass
7. drinking a potion of strength
8. road-bikin' lembas-eatin' half-elves
9. the Grey Hound Guild House
10. the year the dwarves of the Iron Hole forged my ebon-hued steed
11. mount
12. metal beast
13. stitch
14. merry gathering
15. 10th Avenue Inn and Bakery
16. fantasy wish fulfillment/ride

You know what I'm talkin' bout Juancho!


sasquatch said...


Anonymous said...

it takes a puzzle to get ol ct to comment...enjoy the road trip. JPB

Ms. Moon said...

Tee-hee. A blog blank.
I may tweek that and use it for myself.

juancho said...

CT- That must be like a hit factor + 10!w

Human Wrecking Ball said...

Big Worm
Food Lion
fruit bowled me

BIGWORM said...

-Wrecking Ball
-5 jumping jacks
-ran naked through the mall on a sugar high
-stalking Cupcake's kitchen
-kindergardners for their candy
-Stiles Ditch
-row my boat
-live long day
-helmet or camelbak
-peter pull
-tractor paul
-time trying to insert all of these great answers into Juancho's evil, but beautiful, puzzle

juancho said...

Hmmm, Stiles ditch you say?

may said...

Personally, I think it says something about you that you created a madlib that works really well when you put the word "penis" in every blank.

Ms. Moon said...

She's right. We tried it.
It's hysterical.

juancho said...

It suggests some uncomfortably awkward potentialities if you ask me.