Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Finger Crossers

Big Worm? Wrecking Ball? They lie.

Spanish Mack said it best and he said it just like this, "The thing to remember is that everyone is a sandbagger and everyone is a liar. Every single one of them!"

We rode real nice and friendly, except when we didn't. The heat has cranked down from, "You are dying as we stand in this parking lot contemplating the heat" to "I didn't realize I could breathe warm cheese dip."

A slight improvement.



The Old Bag said...

I didn't realize I could breathe warm cheese dip.


Human Wrecking Ball said...

It wasn't that hot and we didn't do any climbing. My legs feel great and the tooth pick holding up my casaba feels as strong as an ox.

Spanish Mackerel said...

Where can I get a Juanchomobile? Does it come from the factory with those outdoor playpretty's installed or is that dealer prep? If is comes with color options, I'll take my kayak in neon yellow. It's a little easier to spot from the air as I'm clinging to it floating out with the tide.

hitops said...

The mild temps--and a brief power outage-- drew me from my ACd cocoon for a figure 8 loop at Munson last night. Only interruptions were cell phone calls from wives (home and work). I finally found the off button. After, took a dip in Sasquatch's chlorinated sinkhole. Himself was missing, probably out with one of the Hounds of Hell terrorizing the 'hood. The remaining HoH kept me company.

juancho said...

I'm the real liar. That ride was great. The first real bike ride in weeks!