Sunday, April 18, 2010

I can feel it. My couch is getting closer. Traveling through time and space on an intersecting course to my own. That, or it is sitting in a store waiting for me to do the intersecting. I can't live like this anymore. I need to get moved in already. If I am sitting on this cinder block on the floor eating dinner out of a paint can still 10 years from now I will be disappointed with my decision to become landed.

I sniveled and whimpered through a road ride today, demonstrating the true desperation of my plight. Clinging to the road bike like a steel savior that can drag me out of the morass and back to fitness glory. If that doesn't work I will buy new grips and tires for the Titus as that sometimes sparks an uptick in the enthusiasm category.

The greater issue at hand is that I can barely think about ride to live, let alone the more important creed- live to ride.


I'm sure a big comfy davenport will be a great summer motivator too.


nicol said...

Oh, my hurting eyes.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

Clean the bike top to bottom. Get new grips, new tires and new shorts. If you can swing a new jersey, do that too. Think of some places you want to take pics. Go get them. The bike is the answer.
After the ride, go get the couch and vow not to sit on it till the miles are done.

Anonymous said...

get one of those Nene curb couches; all the cat piss will keep you motivated to do another lap on the bike!

lopo said...

I just love that couch sooooo much.