Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Magic Weapons

Everybody who games knows you can't vanquish the dragons and demons without upgraded weaponry. That's why I have called forth the juicer, the food processor (for smoothies and hummus)the ipod loaded with NOFX and Tupac, and a bottle of avocado oil to lube my chain. This is an upper echelon comeback.

I turn 40 tomorrow, and I'm not ready to go yet, so before the next generation puts me in the kayak and pushes me out to sea without a paddle, I need to get it together. This is my decade. My fastest friends are over 40, in fact, I think Mystery Cupcake is 87.



Ms. Moon said...

Happy birthday, Senor Juancho.
Yes. Forties in my opinion were the best. I hope you find this to be true as well.

nicol said...

I believe you have chosen your weapons of choice wisely. Nobody will be pushing you out to sea, I predict. Happy Birthday (early)! :)

nicol said...

chosen your weapons wisely. that's what i meant.

next time I'll try not to be so redundantly, redundant. dant. dant.

hitops said...

The 40s were my fastest decade, but only because I started riding then.

We missed you at the half-century shindig. Now that's a sobering milestone. You just wait.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

Happy birthday! Now get to werk. No stogies, lighter diet, more miles.

Anonymous said...

do you have a bag of multi-sided dice? you better start rollin' for hit points!

I knew you were older than me! even if by just a couple weeks.

The Old Bag said...

Ride while you can.

And then it's off to the wrinkle ranch.

PS 40s are great!

juancho said...

Rode in the rain, that's 3 days in a row. Not quite a streak, definitely not a roll, far from a bender. Let's just call it a statement.