Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What Now?

When I was a little guy, ten years old, standing around somewhere near the corner of Kearly and 8th Ave down in Lake Haven Estates, Sebring, FL I told my friends I was not going to grow up until I was forty years old. Now that I am at that point I have to ask myself, did I do it?

For what a 10 year old mind perceives a grown-up to be I would have to say no, I did not. However, this wasn't your ten your old mind, or some Platonic archetype of the child mind, it was uniquely my own and although I may not have known the words at the time, perhaps this is what I pictured?

Who can say, that little kid had a lot going on. I just hope I haven't let him down.



Ms. Moon said...

No. I don't think you have let that little kid down. And there are many kids you have not let down.
Happy Birthday.
Love from Lloyd.

nicol said...

Did you go for a birthday bike ride today? :) Happy 40th!

sasquatch said...

Happy birthday, bro.

What that 10 year old boy would think of you is less interesting to me than what words of advice you'd have for him if you could give him a few from these 30 years of getting along.

lopo said...

And my unique view is that that 10 yr. old was the one to listen to. Ten yr. old boys have clear vision like no one else. Happy Birthday. m'ijo!

Mingo said...

I didn't find forty to hard. Even as I closed the bike shop I couldn't sell. After some pain, it was still bright and sunny. Fifty comes to me next year, I again find myself redefining what I do and who I am. At 10, I was trying to survive, at 23 I realized I would live past 20. Energy got me to here, perspective will get me to 100.

Anonymous said...

they had ten year olds back then?

Anonymous said...

You didn't let him down! Unless you no longer spit inside the house. He might be disappointed about that.