Sunday, March 06, 2011

Dance Monkey Dance!

Things got a bit ugly about 2 hours into the ride when Tommy's legs woke up from their 6 month slumber and he started laying down a beating out at the Pedrick Greenway. I figured those dudes didn't have a two hour ride in them so I squandered strength all over Tom Brown Park, peppering them with shots to kidney, then earhole. Instead they caught me flat-footed with the mid-ride extension. We picked up a stranger, or maybe a planted agent, out on the levee. Mr. Yellow Jersey with the fresh legs- he didn't help matters as he sandbagged along behind us, looming.

After a handful of pumpkin seeds though, my brain came back online and turned point over to the calves, giving the quadriceps a break. By the Miccosukee trailhead I was ready to ride all day. I danced my pained, hunching dance until one by one they fell away for home and I took the long way back to my own.

best ride in ages!



nicol said...

So it's possible then to get the legs to wake up after a six month slumber? Good to know.

juancho said...

and how! He turned on the punishment after playing possum forever.

hitops said...

I love that ride, but I skip most of Tom Brown, even the new and improved version.

Sasquatch and I did a little road/Munson combo Sunday. Love that orange ribbon coming out of the SM Trailhead. We survived the wind and a minor mechanical. More miles next time.

Saturday included a solo Parkway parking lot tour. The deck outside the old Applebees-turn-Mex-cantina looked so inviting I returned for dinner. O-F-ng-Lay.

Velosopher said...

Way to go. And great to hear some biking escapades again!