Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Despite the strong and appreciated showing over the weekend, our usual crew is down by five riders from last year. I have no interest in enumerating their reasons or badgering them in their hopeless situations. I am focused on practical and achievable goals. My therapists would be proud. Like the mid-term elections of 2010, (and 1994) some things are beyond my control, and according to some people riding bikes in a fantasy world with your adult male friends is not the biggest priority in life.

I can't be bothered with that. I've gone rogue. Freelance. Hired gun. Mercenary.

That, and of course my labor of love, the never-ending project, the rise of my Robot Army. Towards this pursuit, I have found recent success. I have two fresh recruits, wall-eyed in their fervor, programmed for pain, and they are responding well to modifications by the design team.

My greenest recruit does not even have a bike, but that is a small detail. I am rebuilding the 2005 Dakar for this purpose and like my crew, the Dakar is mostly scraps. I am looking for the following items should anyone have them lying about.

Shimano hydraulic brakeset
brake levers
front wheel
derailleurs front and rear

I realize this is barely a cycling blog anymore, having turned the corner toward epic story of man vs. world, but if there are a few riders still out there help me out. Be a part of something great. Support the Robot Army.



BIG JIM said...

Our numbers are way down too. Lets combine forces. Come ride with us tonight.

juancho said...

I think I will.

juancho said...

And y'all can start offering up the parts any time now...

BIG JIM said...

Zone 5 will have all the used parts you will need...and then some.

BIGWORM said...

I've got tons of stuff, just not sure any of it is what you're needing. Give me a call, and we'll talk specifics.

juancho said...

We will sort it all out during our relaxing, friendly-paced bike ride this evening.

BIG JIM said...

Prolly good you didn't make it out. The ride was kinda fast

juancho said...

I'm sure it was. You boys don't play. I was out there from 3-5. Perhaps you could taste my dust?

Human Wrecking Ball said...

I have some brakes for you slow poke.

BIGWORM said...

"Perhaps you could taste my dust? "

I knew I smelled bean curd at one point, and my super hero vision spotted 3 empty rice grain husks, lying trailside.

Ya know, it's hard to discuss bike parts on a ride.....when you're not actually there.