Thursday, June 21, 2012

Echo de menos todo el mundo

  Many of you reading this used to be here--  Now you are in Royal Oaks, Michigan, Singapore, Hood River, OR, Bozeman, Montana, Bristol (outskirts), Panama City, Portland, Reddick, Ft. Myers, PSL, Miami, Sarajevo, Hoboken, Jensen Beach, Korea,  Asheville, NC, and parts unknown.

Last night we celebrated the Summer Solstice down at the All Saints Hop Yard.  They ran out of lanterns by the time we got there so we had to make wishes on strangers' light.  For me, I thought about many of you, and the years that have passed, and that in spite of so much I have hung on in this place and built a life.

  We learn to do without. We make room for something new.  That's the hard part.

We let go of each other and trust that the wind will carry us where we belong. 

But for a time we lived together in this place. 



Ms. Moon said...

The world grows smaller or is it larger and here we are or there we are and it's so nice to come here and see you, Juancho. It always is.

Magnum said...

did you sky-litter? and with fire?

Juancho said...

Those are magic lanterns. Nothing to worry about.

nicol said...

That's very cool. I've never seen something like that before.